Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some commonly asked questions.


How do I use these styles?

Using these styles in your website is as easy as copying the JSON on any style page and passing this to the map options of any Google Maps object. If you are creating your own HTML and JavaScript website be sure to read up on the Google Maps API and if this code is still too technical check out our Map Builder and just pick and choose the settings you want.

Some web platforms and blogging engines (like WordPress) make it difficult to edit code directly. To style your maps on these platforms you have to find a plugin that supports styled Google Maps. We've found some plugins for the most popular web platforms below. If you find a better one or have written your own feel free so send them to us at

How do I add a marker to the map?

We got asked this question so much we actually added it to the downloadable example available for every style. Click here to download an example.

If you are still still having difficulties we would recommend checking out our Map Builder which will help you configure a bunch of map settings and even has support for our styles built right in!

As always we'd recommend reading up on the Google Maps Documentation.

Do you have a webservice or an API?

We do! The first step is to register for an account. Next, click on your email address in the top right, and then the Developer tab. Just generate an API key and you'll be good to go! We'd love to hear about all the cool things you build, here are some of our favorites:

Why are my styles not being applied to South Korea?

This is a strange one! Apparently Google Maps doesn't support styles being applied to South Korea. We aren't sure if this is for legal or technical reasons but you can follow this bug on Google's issue tracker here. Until Google fixes this issue there isn't anything we can do for styles in South Korea.

Why is my style resetting to default when updating the style?

Google puts a limit on the number of styles that can be applied to the map. When this limit is exceeded the map style is reset to the default styles. We have logged a bug with Google here to hopefully find a fix to this issue but until then the only thing you can do is try to simplify your style.

Are the styles really free to use?

Yup! All styles are licensed under creative commons and are completely free to use.

Can I export a high quality image of a map?

Unfortunately Google doesn't have a lot of options for exporting their maps to high resolution images for printing. You may want to look into other mapping platforms like OpenStreetMap and MapBox. I believe they have better support for exporting images that might better suit your needs. Hopefully Google will add better support for this in the future!

Help! Snazzy Maps isn't working on my site!

The first thing you can check is that you are using the Google Maps JavaScript API not their Embed API. Our styles will not work with Google's Embed API. This is because of fundamental limitations on the way IFrames work on the web and Google just simply doesn't support it. Sorry! Switching to the JavaScript API or using a different plugin will work instead. If you are still having issues feel free to contact us.

One plugin we get asked a lot about is Visual Composer. Unfortunately their default Google Map component embeds the map within an IFrame. Google doesn't support styling this type of map so there just isn't anything we can do with the default component. However, a lot of users have had success by switching the map component to WP Google Maps.


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