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We offer a variety of ad spaces for you to choose from.

Home Page Medium Rectangle

300x250 - Top Right

Displayed near the top right of our home page. This page gets significant search traffic and is linked to from thousands of different sites.

Est. 75,000 impressions per month

$2.50 CPM

Style Details

320x100 - Fixed Bottom Right

Displayed on our main content pages for individual styles and generates our highest click-through rate.

Est. 150,000 impressions per month

$2.00 CPM

Style Editor

320x100 - Fixed Bottom Right

Displayed on the page where users create and edit a Snazzy Map style. Users spend a lot of time carefully crafting their styles on this page.

Est. 50,000 impressions per month

$2.00 CPM

Explore Middle Leaderboard

728x90 - Middle

Displayed on the pages where users browse existing Snazzy Map styles. Users browse and search through our styles to find the perfect fit for their site.

Est. 200,000 impressions per month

$1.50 CPM

All Footer Leaderboards

728x90 - Bottom

Displayed near the bottom of our pages. This ad space spans dozens of different pages and generates a large number of impressions.

Est. 275,000 impressions per month

$1.00 CPM

All prices are in US dollars.

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